Thursday, 26 June 2014

River Avon up Lacock way. 26-06-14

What an other escape chit!
Arriving up there around 11am,
I fed my usual pellet mix and hemp
into the most likely swims I wanted
to fish. Plus a couple of new ones.
Bright sunshine didn't look good for
some of them.
First swim was a sweeping bend
where I cast into the near bank about 10 yards down stream.
Less then 5 minutes later a Chub of around 1lb,
rattled the tip and gave me a bit of fun as it straight in to the reeds.
That was it for this swim,
I moved along to the next chosen swim.
This time it took about 30 minutes
for the next take. After quite a few
rattles a good pull on the Avon quiver tip
produced a thin 3lb 81/2oz
Chub. After another 20 minutes it was time
to move to swim 3.
 This swim was a real comfy one.
Sat under a tree,
casting one rod under a tree down stream and a
second rod to a bush up stream.
Once again I had many rattles
and knocks which only produced
a small 9oz Chub.
Whilst sat there I did see a few
dark shapes moving on the surface but they were
not interested in feeding, not even bread.
 So it was on to swim 4.
This one I had fancied last year
but chickened out.
So clambering through
fallen trees and out over some
smelly mud, I put the two
rods were cast out.
One under an over hang on the near side
the other by some reeds on the far bank.
40 minutes of smell and thousands
of flies but no signs of life,
I moved to swim 5.
 This time it was another new swim.
Again the first rod was put down the near side
in a deep run, the other was
cast up stream to a bush.
Again some tip rattling and the odd pull but nothing
came of it. Except a 3/4lb ish Chub 
which was chased in by a similar sized
Now I had a long slog back up
stream to my final swim.
I ended up in this swim
as the last swim I wanted to have a dabble in
was taken up by kids jumping in.

 Once again plenty of activity
on the rod tips.
Then with about thirty minutes
to go the rod pulled the line
off the bait runner and after a short
tussle a Chub of 4lb 15 1/4oz,
was in the net.
Just 2 3/4oz short of my P.B.
That was the last of the day,
I was on my way home by 7 p.m.


Russell Hilton said...

That's a wonderful fish Pat, how I'd love one if those.

Pat said...

Thanks Russell. It was indeed. Shame there was not enough room to do it justice.