Thursday, 6 November 2014

Short session down Rockingham 05-11-14

A free evening saw me take Squid
Rag and Lug
to fish and watch some fire works.
With high water at 6 pm
my first cast was at 4 pm.
First cast produced a very dark Codling
which took the Rag and was just under the legal limit.
As the tide was still some distance from the
bank, I put it in a pool so it would stay alive.
I then noticed the other rod had signs of interest'
Sure enough a normal coloured Codling
had taken the Lug baited rig.
This photo shows the different
colours of the two Codling
Well for the next 2 hours there was a steady
flow of Codling coming in.
In the end I packed up at 6.30
having used up 1/4ld of Rag and 1/4ld
of Lug, as well as 3 whole Squid
and had nothing else to use.
I was using 4/0 Pennel Pulley rigs.
High water 13.5mtrs a 6pm
and came well over the top.
Because the wind was light
north westerly and high pressure I 
felt it was safe to fish there.
If however the wind was strong west 
to south west,
I would fished else where.

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