Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Ladye Bay 31-10-14

Down to the ledges to test my ankle out
on hard rough ground ,
as well as deeper water.

High water was at  12.02 
and 10.8 mtrs .
Bait taken was rag and Squid
with two 4/0 hooked pennel pulley rigged rods.
Getting there just before 7.30
I did not have to climb down 
as the tide was already over the reef.
So two casts produced two birdies.
 Well a few minutes of fiddling and 
one was back out and sitting nicely without any bouncing in the tide.
Second one needed complete respooling.
This done a couple of practice casts settled the line down
and a whole Squid was out calling anything out there
to breakfast.
The rag rod produced a Pouting, 
which I kept and used later as bait.
The Squid produced a Codling of about
8 inches which was returned.
As the tide got higher the bites and rattles 
were less frequent.
By now there were around 12 other anglers
all having the same result as me.
The person on my left who had a 
lighter setup to mine, manged 4 small
Codling and Doggies (Cat sharks).

Well I eventually had a small Dogie
on Squid and Pouting fillet.
By now the tide was on the turn
and as there was no other interest,
I packed up and headed home.
One good thing was that I had no problem
with my ankle,
and managed my first run
for 16 weeks
again with out any trouble.
So back to normal.
Might be on the Avon tomorrow
if all's good on the home front.

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