Friday, 23 January 2015

Limpley Stoke 22-01-15

First trip of 2015.
Well, full of hope and expectation 
I scraped the frost of Fru Fru Fiesta,
at 06.00 and trundled to Limpley.
With day light just showing
through the broken cloud,
it was a chilly walk to my chosen swim.
Feeding the free baits of
maggot and caster down the
near bank
Boillie and pellet down the crease a third 
of the way out.

The river looked good
a bit of colour and a good pace.
I thought I was in for some luck.
How wrong could I be.

Claverton Down
looking good.

This photo shows a Mink
in the undergrowth. It managed to catch
some small fish as did a Kingfisher.

Some of the goodies
ready for loose feeding
Well by Midday I
had a bad stomach ache.
Without a bite or sign of life
I had to pack up and head home.

This was the first time I
had fished on our wedding anniversary.
I was our 32.

I think I will try the river Frome
next week.
Bit of trotting bread, maggot and casters.

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