Monday, 26 January 2015

Bristol Frome 26-01-15

I took my centre pin, a bunch of float,
shots weights size 18 / 20 micro barbed hooks
and the maggots left over from my last trip.
There was a good pace and enough
clarity to use this tactic.
 From the first cast I caught Minnows,
lots of Minnows.
However a few other fish managed to
get a look in.
I managed 7 small roach
 Three small Brown Trout
 One Dace.
 And this 2lb 8 1/4oz Chub.
 These all came from 5 different swims,
Ranging from 8 feet to 2 1/2 feet deep.
Some trees have fallen
this winter and a couple look like they
could fish.
The photo above shows the weir at Snuff Mill.

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Ben Wilkinson said...

Very nice and very impressive. I have never caught anything near as big as those at snuff mills i fish from the same spot as you posted first and i also get problems with minnows in that spot lol. Do you mind if i ask where you caught that chub and brown trout they look a very nice size i really want to find a new spot in snuff mills other then that first spot you posted. So many dog walkers in that spot and all iv managed to catch there is small roach and small dace i use live maggots. Keep up the good work mate.