Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Frosty Bristol Frome 03-02-15

A few hours spare again today
so popped down to
the Frome.
With ice still on the car
I realized that it would be a bit chilly.
Plenty of frost on the ground
I fed six swims with maggots on the way up.
The first swim did not even
produce a bite.
Not even a Minnow!!!!!!
Yet last time I had a Minnow a cast.
So moved on to the next swim,
same result except for a light dip of the float.
So down to swim three.
I think I'll call it the Trout swim.
I was about to move on again
when the float dipped and then slowly pulled under.
A light strike and WOW what the !!!!.
The rod pulled round and rattled.
A small 5oz Trout was in the net.
Another four casts produced
two more Trout of the same size.
I had to move on as some dog owner
 chucked a ball into the river
right in front of me.
So on down to swim four.
A few Minnows showed a little interest
 but not much else.
On to swims five and six.
Not a touch.
Twenty minutes to pack up
so back up to a spot between swims five and six.
Here there were a few gentle bites
which produced two Roach of around 4oz.
and a small dace.
I used size 20 hooks tied to 2lb hook length.
Maggots was the bait.
Another very pleasant trip except for the dog owner! 

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