Friday, 24 April 2015

Ladye Bay 24-04-15

I started fishing at 07.00 
for a high water at 11.42
and 11.6 meters.
I used my usual two
Beach casters with
4/0 pennell pulley rigs on one
and 2/0 wishbone rig and 3/0
long pulley rig on the other.
Bait used was
1/2lb of lug and 1/2lb of log
with whole squid.
The whole squid was wrapped in lug and rag.
With the first 3 hours without a single bite,
I was getting worried about a blank session!
However a light rattle on the 4/0 rig
rod tip meant there was life out there after all,
Then the rod dropped tip dropped back
then pulled down.
Lifting into the the fish, I was surprised
when the line started running up tide.
This produced this very pretty
Thornback Ray
with plenty of thorns.
Well pleased with catching my targeted species,
I was further surprised when the
2/0 wishbone rigged rod tip 
dropped back.
Here again a Thornback Ray was landed 
this time only a small one.
It only had thorns down its back bone and tail.
Straight after casting the rod out
it had barely settled, when this
Cat Shark /Dogfish set it rattling.
An other  15 minutes and 
the 4/0 rigged rod rattled and nodded.
I waited for further signs of interest
but after 5 minutes nothing happened
so I wound in.
At first I thought the rig had snagged but realized
it was an other Thorny.
So I gently increased the pressure
 and managed to lift this 3lb Fish
up on to the ledge.
Wow! What a great 45 minutes or so.
Well apart from a tiny pin Whiting
around an hour after high water
that was all I caught.
I packed up at 13.30
as I had run out of bait.
What a great trip.
Weather was a light southwesterly
with haze and low cloud.
Chilly start but very warm when the
sun came out.
Once the tide turned,
weed became a problem
pulling the leads out.

Looking forward to the next trip.

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