Tuesday, 14 July 2015

River Frome, short session. 14-07-15

At last the pollen is dropping out so
with a few hours free I popped down to the Frome.
I must have picked a popular day down there,
as I was asked if there was a match
taking place.
Well with eleven other anglers wondering around
I guess it could have looked like there was.
First swim was a blank,
So I wondered further up stream. 
Here I found Dace were interested in my Maggots.

This one was about average size, with the usual Minnows
joining in, I had a very happy hour.
Around 2 1/2lb of fish were caught.
More swims tried but with very little interest
 being shown to the Maggots. 
 The odd small Dace and Roach
but not much else.
One surprise was this 
Shawn the Sheep.
I think some swim baiting needs to
be carried out to get some more
fish biting.
I fished from 11.00 till 14.00.
Float fishing with 3lb main line 
to 2lb hook length to size 16 hook.

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