Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Wind,Rain, everything but fish.


Went fishing to Rochingham. Strong winds, plenty of spray,
lost tackle and birds nest in the reel. Broken umbrella,
and tackle box nearly washed away.
High tide was at 09.42 and was 12.6mtrs.
Wind was strong southerly turning south westerly.
Rigs were Pennell Pullys
The wave that nearly took my tackle box.

What a great day, what a great laugh, yep I enjoyed it,
as did my son.

BUT STILL NO FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son having to carry his rig back to his rod
as weed was blocking the first eye.

We really expected to catch. It looked good and

with that wind it usually fishes well.

Rag, Squid, Mackeral and Sand Eel were the chosen baits.

Used on their own and as cocktails but not a bite.
Waves rolling in over the top of the bank.

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