Sunday, 10 August 2008

New Venue. First BLANK !!!!!!!!

Oo No it had to happen.
Yes the dreaded blankety blank.
Not even a bite.
I fished the Cottage at Portishead.
The photo below shows the light house at the
old Nautical School, which is too the west of the cottage.
(I'll photo this spot soon.)
This spot can only accommodate 5 anglers in comfort.
To the right of the picture can be seen the rock which
splits the area in half.

Around 5mtrs in front of it is a ledge which runs left
to right and needs to be cleared when casting.
In front of the ledge is an area of sand around that
stretches 20mtrs out.
Dont cast beyond that point as it is very rocky and a tackle grave yard.

In the photo below the two rocks in the water hide a large

area of weed covered rocks keep clear of that area.

To the right of this spot is a gully which is marks the edge of the venue.


Rag worm, Lug worm, Mackeral, Squid and Peeler Crab.

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