Sunday, 3 August 2008

New Passage 03-08-08

This is the state of the tideat 06.30,
3 1/2 hours before the high tide.
I already had my 2 beach casters and Carp rod out.
At 0700 the tide was at the bottom of the rocks
and I had already had an Eel bite which bit through the hook lenght.
Soon a second Eel bite, again it produced nothing.
At 07.00 another bite and this time I managed a Snotty.
I released it straight away.
The photo below is were the tide had got to at 07.05.

No more bites after that?!!!!!

This is the top of the tide at 09.29

The tide hight was 13.4mtrs and was very strong.

Up tide casting was the only way to hold the bottom as well as 210grm weights. The 3 rods doing what they do best.
Baits were Rag, Squid and Mackeral, and combinations of all 3.

Rigs were flowing trace on the Carp rod and Pennel pulley rigs on theBeach casters.

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