Thursday, 1 July 2010

Bristol Frome 01-07-10 part 2

These little Ducklings kept me amused
dabbleing away on freebies I put in for them.
After putting in 6 balls of my usual grondbait each the size of a golf ball.
I plumbed up the depth and used a 1grm Drennan Turbo float.
A size 16 hook was on the bussiness end.
I tried all the above baits and cocktails of all of them

First fish was the usual Minnow.
After 40 mins or so this little Brown Trout,
came a snatched red and white maggots.
Then it was back to the Minnows, which gradually
got fatter as the hoovered up the loose feed.
I put in 6 - 10 maggotts and casters or 3/4 sweetcorn
plus a pouch of seed mix every 3/4 minutes.
Eventually I saw what I had been waiting for,
small Roach were fighting for the freebies.
Then this chap took the bait
Shortly this one fancied the hook bait as well.
I was really pleased to see the Chub doing the same
but they were to toucie and would not take the hook bait.

In the end I caught 15 Minnows, 2 Roach and the little Brownie.
A very enjoyable 4 hours and with the conditionsWarm ,sunny
and very clear slow water it worked out very well.

There were 10 Skimmer bream swimming on the surface
but not intrested in the bait. I think they had just spawned.

I'll be retying some of my river floats ready for my next trip.

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