Thursday, 8 July 2010

River Frome 08-07-10

2 hours down the River Frome
from 13.00 till15.00 produced
2x Roach, 2x Chub, 1x Trout and a fist full of Minnows.
I used a 4x No 4 metel stemmed stick float on
3ld main line and size 18 or 16 hooks on 2ld line.

First swim produecd to lovely small roach.
This was the biggest around 3oz.
The colour were stunning.

Strolling up stream, was like looking in a fish tank.
There were shoals of Chub sun baithing.
There at least 7 Chub in this photo out
of around 20 in the shoal.
Here is what the Frome means to me
Nice plump Chub, this one is around 1 1/2lds.
The other one was only about 1/2ld.
2010 / 2011 Frome fish count
3X Chub
8x Roach
5x Trout
1x Common Carp

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