Monday, 26 September 2011

Grass Bank 24 / 25-09-11

Two trips, both afternoon / evening sessions.
Saturday 24-09-11 
 Fished 3.30 till 6.15
Sunday 25-09-11
Fished 4.30 till 7.15
Baits were lug and rag worm with my usual rigs.
On saturday it was rattle city on the flood tide,
this resulted in one 6 inch snottie and a 4 inch whiting.   
Sunday was worse, two known rattles
and one 3 inch whiting.
Weed after the tide turned was a bit of a problem.

Plenty of other anglers on both days, I didn't see much caught.
One angler claimed a small Codling. Well done that man.

But the weather was really great both days.
So took some scenic photos, 

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Anonymous said...

Looks a nice day for a trip - catch anything?