Sunday, 4 September 2011

Great mornings fishing down Baltic Wharf. 04-09-11

Having read the reports on the
Thursday evening matches
down Baltic Wharf on
from Bristol Angling Centre.
I decided to sample the Skimmer fishing down there.
I took a pint each of red and white maggots and the
casters  I turned in the last blog.
Fished over a bed of my own ground bait mix, casters 
and hemp.
First put in and straight away a great bite and a 
1lb skimmer was in the net. A steady flow of skimmers and
small Roach followed.
I managed to winkle out 6 better Skimmers
3 of which I photographed.
These three totalled 7lb 5oz .
 I managed around 30lb of fish 
 All caught on red and white maggot
I fished from 08.00 till 12.00.
The weather dull and light wind at first turning
to a strongish breeze and lovely sunshine.
Had a great time watching the Sea Cadets
capsizing their sailing boats.
Great mornings fishing.   

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