Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rockingham 13-11-11

Fished off the grass bank again this morning
from 06.30 till 09.30.
With another birds nest snap off 
(second one in two trips)
on the first cast. 
I was soon out with the second rod
and quickly sorted out the other reel.

Baits used were Rag / Lug and Squid.

Sunrise over Industrial Rockingham.
 Not a single bite was seen
on both rods.
 This dark horse took a liking to my tackle bucket,
I had to keep shooing it away.
All was not lost I managed a nice 
plump Flounder at 09.00
that saved the blank.

I only saw two Codling and a Snottie caught
by 4 other fishermen.

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