Sunday, 13 November 2011

We fished in the rain 11-11-11

Russell and I fished New Passage again,
and boy was it WET.

Usual Pulley and Wishbone rigs were used
with Rag / Lug and Squid baits

As we started fishing so the rain started,
little did we know what was to come.

No bites for the two hours to the top of the 
tide with the rain getting heavier,
didn't look very good.

Just after the top of the tide
Russell had a bit of a rattle 
and hay presto he had a

Then Russell showed me his boots,
the soles were dropping off. 

A short while later and both soles dropped off!
He picked them up and dumped them.
With the rain hammering down
we decided to pack in and go home.

Russell won the day.

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