Monday, 7 November 2011

Rusty and Me get our MOJO back. 07-11-11

Headed for a nice easy spot up at
New Passage.
I got down there at 14.30 and 
did a bit of water craft and
ground recognisances.
Rusty arrived as I started fishing around 1500.
It was very slow at first with no bites until it started getting dark.
Mind it was dark enough already
with low cloud, drizzle and northerly wind.
Having broken one of my rods last time out,
I dug out my old ground caster.
Using Lug, Rag and Squid as baits, as well as 
various cocktails of all of them.
Rusty was in first, (his smile was great to see)
he landed a lovely plump 2 1/2lb codling.
As he cast out his other rod rattled and bounced.
Bit bigger Codling on the bank,
and he was jumping for joy.
Four of the seven Codling caught. 
Very soon after that another smaller Codling
was landed by Rusty. Rusty 3 - 0 Me. OUCH!
4 - 0 to Rusty as a smaller Codling was landed and returned.
High tide passed at 16.51.
My turn for a bite. 
Rusty herd the ratchet clicking and singing
struck, yahoo fish on for me.  
In came this very plump 3lb 12oz Codling.
Caught on the old Groundcaster.
4 - 1.
The bites eased off, but Rusty managed two more
6 - 1.
Rusty won most fish,
I won biggest fish.
Magic fishing session again.

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