Sunday, 23 June 2013

Frome again. 23-06-13.

A couple of hours spare from caring
for the misses today,
produced more tiddlers.
I hoped for more flow
but we did not have 
enough rain.
This Dace was one of the biggest.
I also managed a nice roach
of around 6oz.
I lost a Bream of around 2lb
my fault for fishing with light tackle.
 Where are the bigger fish?
They are there and very shy, thankfuly.
There seems to be a lot 
anglers who don't know what they are doing and
won't take any advice.
Great shame we need to be able to help these anglers 
to fish properly and
to handle the fish.
No need to hold a fish
with a dry cloth.
Bare hand or damp cloth.

This is a snaggy swim not good 
for light lines.
I love this light weight

Off to the Avon or Baltic Wharf this week
if everthing stays settled on the home front.

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