Monday, 17 June 2013

Opening day of 2013 / 2014 river season. 16-06-13

Here at last
and on Fathers Day.
So my youngest son
Andrew ask where I would like to go.
Well I have a liking to the
Upper Avon.
Arriving around 06.30
we set up a feeder rod 
and float rod each.
Various baits were taken tried.
The fishing was hard,
and only small were had.
Other anglers also had the same results.
Andrew taking an early
lead with a small Dace.
 Time for another feeder
of maggot and casters.
 We tried a number of swims
but the fish were not hungry.
I used various styles of feeder and floats, hooks
and bait combinations.
But the larger fish did not want to play.
This was my best on the day
a 7oz Perch.
Andrew had one about the same
I think Andrew won on weight
and I had the most fish,
so we agreed with a draw.
There was a light drizzle
from 10ish onwards, a light breeze
and warm.
Andrew was learning
the intricacies of fishing with a
Centre Pin reel. 
All in all a very enjoyable trip.
It is so quiet there.
Thank you Andrew for grand day out.

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