Friday, 28 June 2013

River Avon, Lacock 28-06-13

First time to this Amalgamated Fisheries venue
Andrew and myself decided
to explore the swims and get a feel for
the water.
Arriving around 7am we walked down stream
checking and feeding some likely swims.
We then chose to float fish first with feeder rod
made up for back up.
With plenty of small Roach,
Dace, Chub, Perch, Gudgeon and Minnows
from the off,we settled in for
some peaceful fishing.
Just after 8am, I caught
this 4lb 6oz Chub
on a 14 hook with Maggot bait
and loose feed.
Second best Chub for me. 
 There are some very nice swims
the banks are very high in 
places and with the early rain were 
very slippery.
As poor Andrew found out.
 Fortunately he was not hurt.
Plenty of snags, reeds and
cabbages make for a great venue.
 There are some long glides for trotting a float
and deep holes for feeder fishing.

The fish have spawned here 
as there were loads of fry
in the shallows. 
Good to see.
We packed at 3pm having caught a
good number of smaller fish each.
Nothing bigger than 1/2lb.
Other baits that caught
were bread, caster worm 
and various pellets.

The bites slowed down
when the sun came came out.

What a wonderful venue
with great company.

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