Friday, 27 September 2013

Bagwood Lake 26-09-13

My eldest son invited me to fish with him
at Baggie.
Well as can be seen plenty
of water had been used on the greens.
Its now a sticky clay wallow.
Russ fished on the the first lake
over night and had 4 or 5 Carp.
and a number of Bream.
As the first lake was full,
3 swims,
I fished the last swim of the second lake.
A ledger or feeder to the left.
A feeder or float to the right.
As well as the pole, float and feeder
out in front at various distances.

Baits used were Maggot, sweet corn
various pellets and boillies.

The float rod produced roach, perch and skimmers
to around a 1lb.
Most baits being taken.
The pole had the same combination
of fish and size.

The ledger to the left had half a dozen runs
on sweet corn which eventually produced this
6lb 31/2 sorry looking Carp.
What a shame the carp are in such a bad shape.
No wonder I missed so many runs.
All in all not a bad days fishing but
I don't think I'll be fishing Baggie
again for while.
My kit ended up covered in clay.
Not nice.

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