Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Not out again?

I did manage a 2 1/2 hours 
down on the Frome last week,
but that was all due to
a sudden family illness.
Only managed a handful 
of dace and a shed load of Minnows.

Yesterday 10-09-13
I fished Lacock again. 
Tried a new swim I liked the look of.
I fed an up stream over hanging bush.
Used Hemp and pellet 
fed with a bait dropper.
Baits used were Worm, Luncheon meat
as well various sized Halibut pellets.
Only a couple Perch took the worm baits.
 I float fished down stream with the same baits
which produced some nice small Chub and dace.
The Minnows like licked the Worm
as can be seen below.
Here a Perch has grabbed the Minnow
which had gone for the worm.
The only one left alive was the Perch.
The poor Minnow was no more.

I fished three others of my normal 
This produced the usual batch of silver fish,
but nothing of any size.

The Avon is still clear, low and slow.
Chatting to the bailiff was very pleasant.
He enjoyed watching me use the
centre pin reel.

I'm running the Bristol 1/2 marathon 
on Sunday so I don't expect a
fishing escape chit for the rest of the week.

Good luck to those fishing 
the match at Lacock today. 

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