Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ladye Bay, 29-09-13

Felt like a bit of sea fishing
so with Lug, Rag and Squid
I headed down to Clevedon's
Ladye Bay.
I arrived at the Bay road and saw 
1st point was free.
So decided to bag that spot.
Started fishing at 06.00
with low water at 08.38
and high water 15.27.
I used 4/0 pennel pulley rig on one rod
loaded with sqid / lug / rag sausages and 
a 1/0 , 4/0 live bait rig on the other loaded with
lug and rag cocktail bait.
From the off the bait was being stripped
with in 10 minutes by what I guessed was crabs.
First bite was just as the tide started
to pick up.
But I missed it on the 4/0 rig.
Then there were no more bites until 10.05
when a little whiting took the live bait rig.
I then hooked it on to the 4/0 rig
and cast it out, at 10.15ish
this 11lb. 4oz Conger decided to
come a say hello.
It was photographed, weighted
and released.
That was the end of the excitement.
With crabs nicking the bait at a heck of a rate
I ran out by 14.00.
I'm glad I chose 1st point as
the wind was quite strong from the north east
which I managed to shelter from.

Nice session.
Might try Rockingham on the weekend.

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