Saturday, 12 October 2013

A very sad looking River Frome.12-10-13

I had the afternoon free so popped down to
the Bristol Frome at the Snuff Mill.
What a shock I had.
Not having fished this stretch for a few months 
these photo show why I was shocked.
This stretch used to hold a good head of Carp,
Roach, Chub, Trout, Gudgeon and Dace.
As well Pike, Perch Minnow, Stone Loach
and Bullheads.
I,ve had Chub to 5lb 2oz (my P.B.), Roach to
1lb 7oz and Carp to 8lb on these swims.

The stretches above and below this area are still
OK. I will be contacting Bristol City Council
and the Environment Agency.

However I did find a nice shoal of Dace
further up stream,
Catching 12 of them in an hour. 
Plus the usual Minnows.
I could have possibly caught more
but for the leaves on the surface which
made it a bit more challenging.

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