Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A little more luck.09-10-13

With another escape chit in hand,
I headed to Mead farm fields.
Baits taken were
Bread, high oil pellets,worm
and sweet corn.
First time here so fed a few good looking 
swims as I walked down stream.
At the end of the 3rd field
I set up two ledger rods
both had pellet baits
One was cast down stream 
the other up stream.
 Both rods were rattling merrily
but the down stream one seemed
different. That one proved to be snagged, so
that had to be sorted out.
The upstream rod (photo below) pulled down
and this (photo above) sorry looking
2.2lb Chub was landed.
It appeared to have been hit by a large Pike
or Otter.
 After 1 1/2 hours I moved upstream to
a swim that I had not fed on the way down as there was 
a large Wasp / Hornet, about 2 inches long there.
Good it had gone, so set up a similar set up as before.
Again another Chub took the pellet bait, 
this one was fine perfect and at first I thought it might
be a Barbel but no this 2.3lb fella instead.
 This spot was really interesting so will try it again. 
 Having tried 3 more swims with no results
I stopped in the first swim I had put loose feed into
on the way in.
 This time, although there were plenty of 
nod and rattles, pellet didn't work.
So worm was chosen as hook bait.
This produced another 2.3lb chub and was the last of the day.
Shock and horror.
I did not even set up a float rod all day.
Fished from 12 noon until 6.45pm.
I do like Chub.

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