Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lacock 15-10-13. First ever Barbel.

Free day on Tuesday
so popped back to try
a few more new swims.
That is really enjoyable,
finding and exploring 
the swims.
You can't beat views like this
especially in October and with the
I fished three new swims using 
a home mixed pellet mix. So feeding the swims as
I passed, I started with this one.
After about half an hour
I  had some rattles on the rod tips.
The rig over on the far bank was first
to pull down, and a nice short run down stream
was slowed when it shot across to the 
near bank. It then got snagged in some
loose branches. While using the the landing net handle 
to loosen it, the other rod bent round 
and the bait runner allowed it to take line 
and slow the run.
Well I managed to land the first one at 3lb 9oz
and then play the second which 
was not in the mood to fight.
 So two chub were in the net,
and weighed and photographed.
Five more swims and two more chub
2.3lb and 1.9lb.
I ended up under a big tree with a large raft of
branches and other snags, I did not loose feed first.
This time I used PVA stockings hooked on the hook.
This did the trick, in under 15 minutes
this Barbel at 4lb 1oz was the result after a good 
tug of war. Well after 50 years of fishing I finally did it.
My first Barbel.
It had a mark on its side which could have been caused
during the action. Luckily it was only a scrape on scales
and non were missing. 
The photo is poor because it was very nearly to dark to take it.
I put it in the net and held it in the water till it was ready to go.
It was a great day made even better 
by the warm temperature, beautiful scenes and wild life.
I even saw an owl and walked back to the car
in a low mist.
I will remember today for a very long time.

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