Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What a difference a weekend makes. 30-06-14

Decided to try a few more swims
up Lacock way.
So with the usual baits 
plus a new one for me,
I plonked down in the first of
6 swims I would fish at 11.00.
Well that was the start of one of the most 
frustrating days fishing I've had in a long time.
Having fed most of the swims on the way down
to this one.
It was a sweeping bend,
with me on the inside.
There were plenty of Dace, Roach and and small Chub.
I plonked a larger bait on the 
Cabbages over the far side,
with a small bait down the near side.
Straight away, both rods were
dancing around like there was a gale blowing.
Great me thinks something
should be taking my bait soon.
No chance!
Just the tips doing the Cha Cha Cha.
How ever the hour I sat there
I watched the small fish having 
a great time eating the small pellet
I was trickling in.
Tacking a float rod next time.

Well its time to move on and
into the next swim.
Again the same result as the last swim.
This time I did manage 
a chub of 1lb 9 3/4oz.
Again the dancing rod tips
were highly frustrating.

On to swim 3.
The same again,
again, dancing tips,
and lots of little fish
up to 1/2lb.
Now on to Peg 4.
This on had a big raft 
that covered the whole
width of the river.
Again one rod to the far bank 
and one under the near bank.
This time the tips didn't move.
By now one thing was very obvious
the there was plenty of signs
that there had been a lot
of fishermen on the banks
since my last visit.
Then on to swim 5,
This is the one I caught a Barbel on last year.
This time I blanked again but with the usual dancing tips.

 Final swim.
Back to the swim I had the big Chub
last time.
Again dancing tips
which did eventually produced a 9oz Chub.

I think I will mainly
trot the river next time
with my light quiver tip
on stand by.

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