Saturday, 25 October 2014

More Codling, 25-10-14

With left over Squid and Rag worm
I was down on the grass bank
by 06.30.
High water was at 08.48 and same height as yesterday 12.9 mtrs.
It started drizzling as I drove down but stopped when I got there.
Setting up with two rods with  pulley rigs
and the standard specimen rod for in close work.
First cast with Rag worm produced an
undersized Codling in less than five minutes.
Next rod out loaded with whole Squid
also produced an undersized Codling quickly.
The rag rod then pulled out to give another small Codling.
Well three Codling 20 minutes not bad. BUT all had to be returned.
Well, over the next hour I had another
three Codling, two were keepers.
What was different to yesterday, was 
how the wind pushed the tide up over the bank.
 These two photos show how the tide pushed 
over the top of the bank.
Well with only one more Codling at the top of the tide
the bites stopped.
The close in rod only managed a couple of
small bites but no fish.
There as little more wind but very light showers.
The rain came down again after I got home.
Another very enjoyable fishing trip.

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