Sunday, 9 April 2017

A day out on Amarisa. 9-4-17

"At last!"
The four of us exclaimed as we 
met up at the dock side at 
We were just about to board the
My youngest son Andrew
traveled down with me,
While Jason and his young Lady
had a shorter journey.
We steamed out at 08.00
about an hour we arrived at our first spot
and the baits lowered.
This was a bit of rough gound mark.
From the off Dogies
were on the baits.
Jason had a Conger
of 15lb plus. The odd Bullhuss and
Pouting were also caught.
 An hour and a half later
we steamed to our second
grounds for a while of drifting.
This was over sandy banks 
with the shallow banks 
throwing up some rougher waters.
This was not very fruitful,
with only one small Turbot
and a Dogie taking the baits.
A well pleased Andrew
with his first ever
 Myself with my two younger
boys. My eldest son was on 
Children care duty.
 Third spot was a cracker
With bites before the baits hit the bottom.
Everyone caught Pouting, there were loads of them.
Bullhuss were also caught
 Along with Small Eyed Ray,
 New species for Jason.
 New species for me
a Lobster.
This one went back as it was a female
with eggs
A couple of 
were also caught.
Andrew was well pleased
with this one.
A Starry Smooth Hound
a first for me
Took a whole Squid.
The Skipper admiring
the Starry

Andrew having a 
Chat with a Bullhuss
New species for Jason
and an other for his
World Sea Fishing Forum 
Species Hunt 2017

Baits used were
Mackerel, Squid and Sand Eel.
It was sunny all day
but a chilly breeze 
kept up all day.
Great company,
great Skipper and
a greatly need
escape for all.

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