Sunday, 23 April 2017

Ladye Bay ledges, 23-04-17

Squid, Mackerel and Sandeel
were the baits chosen
for my trip down to the ledges at Ladye Bay.
I arrived at 07.30 to fish
the tide down and two hours up.
Low water was at  midday.
This was the sight
that greeted me when
I arrived.
It was also the route I'd 
take half an hour later,
as the tide receded.
 There were rattles on the rods
from the off,
First to show was a small
Doggie taking Sandeel.
That was followed by a
small strap Conger on whole Squid.
 Next on Sandeel was a
this rather larger Dogfish again
taking Sandeel'
 After that there was the
occasional bait ripped apart
or totally stripped hook but
nothing landed.
big sand at low tide
and really great weather.
 I guess that's the reason
for the shyer bites.
Just look at that photo,
absolute magic.

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