Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ladye Bay, Ledges.02-03-17

Down to the Ledges for some
hoped for Thornie action.
High water was at
12 noon
and 12.0 meters high.
I fished from 08.30 till 13.00.
Squid, Mackerel and Sandeel
were the chosen baits,
loaded on to 3/0 and 4/0
pennel pulley rigs.
The Squid baits were
attacked from the start.
However nothing was landed till
This small Codling took a liking
to Squid.
 Then at 10.00
the Sandeel tempted
another small Codling.
A lull then till 
when another Codling
took a liking to Sandeel.
This Codling had a hook
from being caught before.
Luckily the hook came out easily.
Just after the top of the tide I
had a good rattle and pull down bite.
I should have left it a bit longer 
as I lost what I think was a
Thornback Ray on winding in.
Well that was the last of the action.
What a great session,
Warm, Sunny no wind
and calm.

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