Wednesday, 4 March 2009

First decent fish of 2009

Wednesday 04-03-09
Fished the Ledges at Ladye Bay.
High tide was at 11.45 and fished from 08.45 till 12.00.
Catch was 4 Codling ( above), 1 pouting (below)
and this 4ld 4oz small Thornback Ray.
I do like these fish.
Beware of the many thorns / spikes all over it body
and tail.
Pick it up by the area next to its breathing holes,
and dont put your fingers in its mouth.
An angler to my left caught a nice 7 to 8ld Femail Thornback
which was returned unharmed as were mine.

Bait used were Lug and Rag worm on 3 hook patenoster
and Pennell Pulley rigs.

Session total caught 7.
1 Pouting, 4 Codling and 1 Thorney.
Year total caught 11.
2 Whiting, 7 Codling, 1 Pouting, 1 Thorney.

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