Thursday, 19 March 2009

7 out of 11 fish prefer Lugworm

Fished the Ladye Bay Ledges this morning.
Veals of Bristol had some lovely King Ragworm
longer than the fish Icaught.
I managed to catch 7 Codling and 4 Whiting.
7 of the fish, including the Whiting were caught on Lugworm
on the 3 hook paternoster rig.
The rest, all Codling, were caught on those big Ragworm
on 3/0 Pennell Pulley rigs.
How many fish are in this rock pool.
I put the fish in this pool, as the drop from
the top of the Ledge to the water, was to high to drop the fish.
So I put the fish in this pool until the tide had risen.
There are 4 fish in the pool, 2 Codling and 2 Whiting.

Baits used were Mackeral, Squid, Sand Eel,
Lugworm and Ragworm.

I fished from 07.45 till 13.30 with the high tide being
at 11.45 and 9.4mtrs.

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