Monday, 30 March 2009

Blank saved by a "crack off"

Fished in front of the Cottage this morning.
First cast nearly birdied my reel and second cast did and
this caused the loss of my rig and shock absorber line.
The high tide was at 10.24 and I fished from 07.45 till
Apart from a bite on my first two casts no fish were caught.
Baits were Lug and Rag.
2 1/4 hours after high tide I found my lost rig.
This little Codling was hanging on and was released alive.
This photo shows the tide with two hours before high tide.This is the reverse photo two hours after high.

You have two clear this area and an other 40 mtrs to get to
sand and mud.

A good rough ground rod and reel with good retrieve
ratio to help reel in over this ground.

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