Friday, 13 March 2009

11 on the bank

Friday 13th lucky for some.
Fished at the Yacht club Portishead.
High tide was at 08.38.
From the off I had bites,
which turned into 10 Codling and a Whiting.

The fish came in, in 1s, 2s and 3s.

I fished with my son Russell fron 06.30 till 08.30.
The tide was a whopping 14 mtrs.
Baits used were Rag and Lug worm, mackeral and squid.
All the fish were caught on a three hook patenoster rig, most on
top hook some on the middle hook and one on the bottom hook.
Other rigs used were Pulley Pennell and Wish bones.
Only one bite (on the wishbone rig) was noticed on the other rigs.

Poor Russell, friday 13th was unlucky
he blanked. OUCH.

I missed two other fish, one pulled of line but spat the hook,
the other did this to the poor little whiting.
I cast it straight back out again as a dead bait,
but no other bites were had.

The fish were caught on the flood, top of the tide and on the ebb.
The too lost fish were lost 1 hour (ish) after the high tide.


Anonymous said...

Cool blog dude, I guess these fishies were caught on the flood??

Anonymous said...

Nice one dude,,

Bet these little fellas were caught on the flooding tide???,,,