Tuesday, 3 August 2010

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 02-08-10

Fished this venue for the first time.
It is about a mile up stream of the Netham Lock and weir.
That is the last weir on the Avon,
were the Feeder Canal leaves the Avon and boats
head for the Bristol Docks. The Avon continues through Bristol
via the New Cut.


The banks here are high above the the water surface!

The gray marks on the bank opposite are caused
by the high spring tides (in the Bristol Channel / Severn estuary)
that top the weir flood up the valley?!!

I used a 5BB crystal waggler float to 4ld main line to 2ld hook
length to size 16 hook.
Baits were Maggots and Caster.
I also used my feeder rod 8ld line to 4ld hook length to 16 hook.

I cast the feeder to the over hanging trees opposite me.

This was one 5 fish caught over there
a 1/2ld chub was the best fish caught all day.
This Dace was the stamp of fish caught on the float.
I had Roach, Perch, Dace, Chub and
This was the biggest 4 inches? Aaaagh!

A very nice venue and free.

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