Thursday, 12 August 2010

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 12-08-10

Back to Crews Hole.
I decided to fish here again as there was a 14 metre tide
in the Bristol Channel.
High tide was at 09.41 at Avonmouth 8 miles downstream.
I got there at 07.15 and started fishing at 07.30 with the feeder rod.
Straight away I had bites and soon a small Perch was on the bank.
A few more Perch were caught before the float rod was up and running.
Dace were caught straight away on the float rod.
Until around 08.55 when all the bites stopped.?!!!!!!!
Then my float started moving up stream??????
and soon my feeder was bouncing upstream as well.
Then the river went from clear to brown and loads of rubbish
flowed upstream.

This was the usual level of the Avon.
The level rapidly rose and I had to stop fishing as I lost
2 swim feeders and 10 hook lengths.

The tide is nearing the top.
There it is, the top of the tide.
The wall and branches have disappeared
The only bites I could get were a dozon of these Snooties
Once the tide had turned and the flow had slowed down
the Perch were very active again.
This one was around 5oz.

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