Sunday, 1 August 2010

Christian Malford 29-07-10

First trip to the River Avon at Christian Malford
This water is run by the Bristol and West Amalgamation
and is a £6 day ticket for none members.
I walked along 2 of the 3 fields and chose
a swim near the 3rd field.

I used a feeder rod with 8ld line to 5ld hook lenght and size 12 hook.
Baits used were Halibut pellets, sweetcorn and maggets.
Not a touch.
I close to bank and some lillie pads.
What I did get was loads of blanket weed
as can be seen by this photo.
On the float loaded with 4ld main line and 21/2 hooklenght to
size 18 to 14 hooks and maggets and sweetcorn.
I caught straight away and had small Roach, Chub, Dace and Perch
each cast. In the end I had around 50 fish
with this Perch being the best.
The bush in the middle of this photo is where I was casting my feeder rod.
To the right can be seen a fallen tree, to the left a raft of Bull Rushs
and on the near side and out towards the middle are some lillie pads.
Just down stream are a load of lillie pads but the blanket weed
was really bad.
This is the tree I was casting my float under
I think I would have had better results there was more
flow and colour to the water.

What a magic venue.
Guess what?

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