Thursday, 12 August 2010

River Avon Crews Hole, Bristol 12-08-10 pt 2

While waiting for the tide to ebb the trains on the Bristol to Bath
line and the wild life kept me entertained.
A stone training towards Bristol.
The bush down stream of me which I hoped some better fish,
but nothing seemed to home.
The water level rose 8 feet.

No not a speed float,
but a 4AA+ Crystal Avon.

These two Morehens used this raft of reeds to change locations?!!
This is the mess that the Silver Eels (Snotties)
make of the hook links.
My hook and maggots can bee seen at he top of this mess.
The hook is sticking out to the left and maggots to the right.
I won't be fishing this venue on a big tide like this again.

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