Monday, 1 November 2010

Shingle Bank, Severn Beach 01-11-10

Went for a long walk with my rods
today up Severn Beach way.
Trudging through the mud and over Bladder Wort weed
covered rocks, I came to a spot with a gully in front of me.
Behind me was more of the the above!
While the Gully was filling up with the
in coming tide, there were no bites except
for one rattle from a Snottie.
As I got pushed back by the tide the Codling started biting.

The first was caught on the wishbone rig with rag worm bait.
There probably less than 6 foot of water.
The bites then came steadily.
I eventually ended up on this shingle bank.
The wishbone rig accounting for
most of the fish.
Lucky day for these two as they were returned.
The top one was just under size anyway.
As I was about to move off the shingle bank
this cap took the bait, rag and lug cocktail on
a pennel pulley rig.
Lucky day for this one as well, I put it back.
As can be seen the shingle has already gone?
I then took a hike to Severn Beach it self.
here I had another snottie mess up a rig
as well as my final Codling, again it
was returned.
This is as far as a 10.6mtr tide gets to at high tide.
Total bites = 14.
8 bites were Codling, 3 kept for the table, 5 returned.
2 Snottie bites recked rigs?
4 bites mised.

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