Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Snuff Mill 10-11-10

Popped down to the Bristol Frome at
Snuff Mill.
As I thought the wind had blown the leaves off
the trees and the rain washed them all down stream.

This time I took a 12ft waggler rod and my close faced spool
to do a bit of trotting.
Baits used were bread, maggots casters and garden worms.

Below are a few pictures of the 4 swims I fished.
The water had dropped by around a 1ft
and was clearer than I expected.

Shame there were so many dogs again,
lost a lot of time watching my kit on the bank.
Those four legged fluff balls love the bread!
The Minows were as hungry as ever and managed 2
little Roach, I love these fish.

I a few other fish, not very big ones, because the hooks I was useing
were to bulky?
Must get some better ones.

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