Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dutchess Lake 09-01-11

Decided at the last minute to go down to the
local lake instead of the River Frome.
I chose the swim at the east end of the island.
Fishing to the point of the island with a ledger set up.
I also used a waggler set up, casting slightly to the right of the above
photo. From close in by some reeds out to around half way.

When I first got there over 1/2 of the east end of the lake was covered by ice.
That knocked out my first two choices of swims.
Below the ice can be seen and is less than 1/2 what was there when I arrived.

The ledgered Cheese paste, Halibut pellet or Maggot failed to produce
any bites.
The waggler also failed to register any bites until 13.00.
When I had a small roach half way out with a single
red maggot. I was loose feeding 6 or maggots every cast.
My grandson had just arrived (with his mum and dad)
when I caught it.
He was well pleased with it, as can be seen.
This was the biggest fish a small Skimmer.
In all I had 6 Roach and 2 Skimmers.
A very pleasant day the sun kept me warm
even with the westerly breeze trying to cool me down.
I fished from 09.00 till 14.00
Frosty at first. In the shade the frost stayed on the ground all day.

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