Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Dutchess Lake 11-01-11

Chose to fish Dutchess again
as I still needed to practice casting with light weights
and floats.

Again I chose the end of the island swim so as to get used to casting
close into reeds.

Same set up as on Sunday and used the same baits.

The ledger / feeder was cast to the island
and also out to the middle of the lake.

The Quiver rod had a couple of small knocks but no proper takes.

The float rod however produce from the off.
A 5BB waggler float was used first because of the
the strong westerly wind. I cast out into the lee of the island,
and had a small Roach straight away.
The bites came steadily through the rest of the day.
9 out of 10 Roach preferred Single red maggot.
In total I had over 70 Roach and three
Skimmer Bream the best fish of the day
was this 3ld 14oz Bream.
During the day I changed down to smaller floats,
as the wind eased down and changed to the north west.

It was cloudy at first but the sun eventually came out.

Another great day out.

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