Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bit better at Dutchess

I got down to the lake at 08.00 and set up my ledger rod
with sweetcorn as the bait over sweetcorn and trout pellet ground bait.
Size 12 hair stopped hook,
on 5ld line

The float rod set up was size 18 hook on 2ld 5oz hook length,
with 2BB onion float.
Bait was Maggot, over Maggot, sweetcorn, bread mash
and trout pellet groundbait.

Second fish was this 7oz roach taking single
red maggot.
This time I fished the north eastern corner.
To my left was an area cut down sedges and the outlet.
To my right was a large bed of reeds,
My ledger rod was cast around 10 yards
along these reeds and about 2 feet out from them.
I fished the float rod about 30 feet straight out in front
of me where the depth drops about18 inches.
I kept changing between the top, bottom and the drop off
to stay with the fish.
I had around 40 Roach, the best was this
15oz fella. Not sure why it had all those scales
I also had around 25 Skimmers the best around 5oz.

The weather was cloudy at first then nice sunny sky
and then back to cloud. A light northerly was blowing all day
and quite chilly.
There was ice to my left along the margins all day!!

All the fish were caught on the float rod.

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