Monday, 3 January 2011

Christian Malford 02-01-11

Went to the River Avon at Christian Malford
started at 08.00 and finished at 15.00.
I fished the 3rd swim down stream from the road bridge.
This is on the Amalgamated Fisheries ticket.
I have the Adult River Permit
this costs £25.00 1st January to 31 December.

I decided on this swim as I was told it was one of the best swims.

I used a ledger rod with 8ld line, 2 1/2ld hook length,1/2oz ledger
and size 12 / 14 and 16 hooks. This was for a static bait presentation.
I interchanged the ledger with 2 x SSG shots for a slow
bounce style method.
Also used a 5BB Avon Crow Quill float and 4 x 4 stick Float
4ld main kine and 2 1/2ld hook length.
This was used to trot the float down the river.
Baits used were Bread, Maggot and Halibut
Paste and Pellets.

The weather chilly at first but not to bad later,
over cast with some short sunny spells
and light north east wind.
Result:- Blanked!!!

But the Kingfisher kept me entertained as did a Water Rail, (type of wader bird).
Very nice and peaceful bunch of fishermen up there.
Having chatted to a few of them I came to the conclusion
that a combination of poor fishing by myself, washed in salt from the roads
and a lot more anglers there (due to most lakes being frozen) were the reason for it poor

Roll on next time.

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