Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Change of plan pays off

I had planed to fish Dutchess again,
but when I got there it was still frozen!!
So went 1/4 mile down the road to
the River Frome at Snuff Mill.

Would have gone to the Stapleton stretch but they are
building a new cycle track along there.
Its very noisy.

This photo shows the second swim I tried, the
first was just beyond the green bush to the right.
Not a bite!!!
So I moved up to the Chub swim.
It payed off on the first cast with a Minnow,
followed next cast by another.

Then I missed a couple of bites by better fish
but dropped them.

This Roach around 1/4ld was the last fish I caught.
This Trout I reckon was the culprit
of the earlier dropped bites.
Around 1/2ld.
This was my second Chub weighing in at
1ld 15 1/2oz.
My first Chub was this 4ld and 1/2oz chap.
Nice little fight on 3ld line.

Bait was good old maggots over bread mash.
Fished from 08.30 till 11.00.
To many dogs around causing trouble trying to get the bait?!!!

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