Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Dutchess 08-02-11

Back to lake this morning.
The fog was so thick when I got there at 08.00
that I could not see the bank opposite me.
This was taken at around 10.00.
The photo below was taken around 11.30!

This is the swim I fished
the same one as last time.
I used a ledge / feeder rod about 15mtrs beyond
my kit, around a meter from the edge of the reeds.
Later I cast it out around 30mtrs straight out.
I also used 2BB AND 4BB waggler floats
straight out in front as well as to the left and right.
Baits used were homemade bread crumb (very cheep)
ground bait with hemp, maggots, caster, sweetcorn
and mixed pellets.
Well it was alright whilst it was foggy,
catching on the float regularly.
As the sun burnt the fog away
so the bite dwindled.
Result Ledger / Feeder NIL again.
Float 31 roach and 1 Gudgen (New new species for the season)
Weight 1ld 15 and a 1/4oz.
Best Roach 13 1/4oz.
Hmmm hard days fishing but the weather superb.

The carp angler who fished the other bank had not
caught anything by the time I left.

Hay Ho! thats fishing.

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