Sunday, 27 February 2011

Snuff Mill 24-02-11

My younger brother Micheal popped down for a few days
and wanted to try some "trotting a river fishing".
Well with the Frome feeling a bit under the weather,
running with some light brown colour, we had a chuck or two.
Maggot was the bait, reds and whites, and 5BB
Avon and 4BB stick floats to size 18 hooks.

Micheal was first in with this P.B. (personal best) Minnow

He was well chuffed, bless him.
Then he pulled in a nice surprise
a small Dace. First one I've seen here ever.
Magic having these great little fish on this stretch.
My turn next, I manged this little Brown Trout
Micheal's favorite fish.
A very slow couple of hours fishing,
good fun and good company.

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