Sunday, 20 February 2011

Pipes near Severn Beach 20-02-11

Popped down to the Pipes this morning
Fished 06.50 till 10.00.
High was 14.4mtrs at 08.00.
Used 3/0 pennel pulley rigs
and 1/0 Wishbone rigs.
Baits used were Lug and Rag worm.
It was a dull, flat calm morning with
a light south easterly now and again.

First bite was around 07.20 on the Wishbone.
with a few more bites till o8.30
when this little 8 inch Codling took
a lug baited pennel pulley rig.
Had 10 bites in all but only little knocks.
With 5 other anglers near by and not seeing anything else
caught looks as if the codling stayed in bed.

The worst problem was the grass a weed causing a
lot of washing on the line and getting stuck in the eyes.

Thats why I go fresh water fishing at this time of the year.

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